”If we want to be healthier and happier, we can’t ignore inequality”

Så avslutas den artikel från Time Magazine som får vara måndagens lästips från Malmökommissionen. Så här börjar den:

”Imagine there was one changeable factor that affected virtually every measure of a country’s health— including life expectancy, crime rates, addiction, obesity, infant mortality, stroke, academic achievement, happiness and even overall prosperity. Indeed, this factor actually exists.

It’s called economic inequality. A growing body of research suggests that such inequality — more so than income or absolute wealth alone — has a profound influence on a population’s health, in every socioeconomic group from rich to middle class to poor.”

Läs hela Maia Szalavitz artikel ”How Economic Inequality is (Literally) Making Us Sick” här http://healthland.time.com/2011/10/19/how-economic-inequality-is-literally-making-us-sick/

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